How to Use Wax Melts: A Step-by-Step Guide

Wax melts are a popular and easy way to fill your home with fragrance. Unlike candles, wax melts are flame-free and can be used with a variety of wax warmers. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to use wax melts to create a welcoming and pleasant environment in your home.


Step 1: Choose a Wax Warmer

The first step in using wax melts is to choose a wax warmer. There are many types of wax warmers available on the market, including electric warmers, tea light warmers, and bulb warmers. When selecting a wax warmer, consider the size of the room, the style of the warmer, and the fragrance throw.


Step 2: Add Wax Melts to the Warmer

Once you have selected your wax warmer, it's time to add the wax melts. Most wax warmers have a dish or tray on top where you can place the wax melts. Depending on the size of your warmer, you may need to add multiple wax melts. It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and not overfill the tray.


Step 3: Turn on the Wax Warmer

After adding the wax melts, it's time to turn on the wax warmer. If you are using an electric warmer, simply plug it in and turn it on. If you are using a tea light warmer, light the tea light and place it underneath the dish. If you are using a bulb warmer, insert the bulb and turn it on.


Step 4: Enjoy the Fragrance

Once the wax warmer is on, it will start to melt the wax melts, releasing their fragrance into the air. It's important to keep an eye on the wax warmer and never leave it unattended. Enjoy the fragrance for as long as desired, and turn off the wax warmer when you are finished.


Tips for Getting the Best Results from Wax Melts

  • Use a wax warmer that is appropriate for the size of the room.

  • Use high-quality wax melts made from natural ingredients.

  • Don't overfill the wax warmer tray.

  • Experiment with different fragrances to find your favourites.

  • Clean your wax warmer regularly to prevent buildup.


How to Clean Your Wax Warmer

To clean your wax warmer, first turn off and unplug the warmer. Allow the wax to cool and harden, then gently remove the wax from the dish. If there is any remaining wax, you can use a paper towel or cotton ball to wipe it away. If there is buildup on the warmer, you can use a soft cloth or sponge with warm, soapy water to clean it.




Q. How long do wax melts last?

A: Wax melts can provide hours of fragrance, and they can be reused several times until the scent dissipates.


Q. Can you mix different wax melts?

A: Yes, you can mix different wax melts to create a unique fragrance.


Q. How do you clean a wax warmer?

A: Once the wax has hardened, it can be discarded and the wax warmer can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


Q. Are wax melts safe for pets?

A: Wax melts are generally safe for pets, but it's best to keep them out of reach to prevent accidental ingestion.


Q. Can you use wax melts in a tea light warmer?

A: No, tea light warmers are not designed to melt wax melts and can be a fire hazard. Use a wax warmer specifically designed for wax melts.

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